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Data for hours: 8 AM - 8 PM (back to today)

GroupFri Mar 13Thu Mar 12Wed Mar 11Tue Mar 10Mon Mar 9Sat Mar 7Fri Mar 6Sun Mar 1Sat Feb 29Fri Feb 28
109:43 AM
209:44 AM
309:45 AM
409:45 AM
509:46 AM
609:47 AM
709:49 AM
809:49 AM
909:50 AM
1010:39 AM09:09 AM08:16 AM09:51 AM
1110:39 AM09:39 AM09:45 AM08:44 AM09:09 AM10:31 AM08:45 AM08:17 AM09:53 AM
1210:39 AM09:39 AM09:45 AM08:45 AM09:09 AM10:31 AM08:45 AM08:17 AM09:53 AM
1310:39 AM09:41 AM09:45 AM08:46 AM09:09 AM10:31 AM08:45 AM08:18 AM09:54 AM
1410:39 AM09:41 AM09:45 AM08:47 AM09:09 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:45 AM08:18 AM09:57 AM
1510:39 AM09:41 AM09:45 AM08:48 AM09:12 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:45 AM08:19 AM09:58 AM
1610:39 AM09:41 AM09:48 AM08:49 AM09:12 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:47 AM08:19 AM10:01 AM
1710:39 AM09:41 AM09:49 AM08:50 AM09:12 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:47 AM08:19 AM10:03 AM
1810:39 AM09:41 AM09:51 AM08:51 AM09:12 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:47 AM08:23 AM10:09 AM
1910:39 AM09:41 AM09:53 AM08:53 AM09:12 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:47 AM08:24 AM10:13 AM
2010:40 AM09:41 AM09:56 AM08:53 AM09:16 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:47 AM08:25 AM10:16 AM
2110:43 AM09:45 AM09:57 AM08:54 AM09:16 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:51 AM08:27 AM10:21 AM
2210:45 AM09:46 AM09:59 AM08:55 AM09:16 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:51 AM08:28 AM10:24 AM
2310:48 AM09:49 AM09:59 AM08:59 AM09:16 AM12:44 PM10:31 AM08:51 AM08:31 AM10:29 AM
2410:53 AM09:50 AM10:01 AM09:07 AM09:16 AM12:49 PM10:31 AM08:51 AM08:33 AM10:32 AM
2510:57 AM09:53 AM10:03 AM09:08 AM09:21 AM12:52 PM10:31 AM08:51 AM08:35 AM10:37 AM
2611:01 AM09:57 AM10:06 AM09:11 AM09:24 AM12:56 PM10:37 AM

68 min delay

09:00 AM08:37 AM10:43 AM
2711:05 AM09:59 AM10:07 AM09:15 AM09:28 AM12:58 PM11:45 AM09:06 AM08:39 AM10:50 AM
2811:10 AM10:01 AM10:09 AM09:19 AM09:33 AM01:03 PM11:47 AM09:10 AM08:40 AM10:59 AM
2911:17 AM10:02 AM10:11 AM09:23 AM09:36 AM01:07 PM11:50 AM09:16 AM08:42 AM11:06 AM
3011:25 AM10:05 AM

3.5 hour delay

10:13 AM09:27 AM09:40 AM01:10 PM11:56 AM09:20 AM08:44 AM11:20 AM
3111:30 AM

22 min delay

01:35 PM10:15 AM09:31 AM09:46 AM01:13 PM11:58 AM09:23 AM08:46 AM11:35 AM
3211:52 AM01:35 PM10:17 AM09:35 AM09:49 AM01:16 PM12:01 PM09:26 AM08:51 AM11:48 AM
3311:57 AM01:35 PM10:19 AM09:39 AM09:54 AM01:19 PM12:16 PM09:29 AM08:54 AM11:51 AM
3412:01 PM01:35 PM10:23 AM09:43 AM09:59 AM01:22 PM12:21 PM09:31 AM08:58 AM11:53 AM
3512:05 PM01:35 PM10:27 AM09:47 AM10:04 AM01:26 PM12:27 PM09:33 AM09:04 AM11:57 AM
3612:09 PM01:35 PM10:37 AM09:51 AM10:11 AM01:28 PM12:33 PM09:36 AM09:11 AM12:00 PM
3712:13 PM01:35 PM10:47 AM09:57 AM10:21 AM01:31 PM12:36 PM09:40 AM09:16 AM12:03 PM
3812:21 PM01:35 PM10:57 AM09:59 AM10:31 AM01:35 PM12:38 PM09:45 AM09:22 AM12:06 PM
3912:27 PM01:35 PM11:07 AM10:03 AM10:41 AM01:40 PM12:42 PM09:50 AM09:26 AM12:07 PM
4012:30 PM01:35 PM11:17 AM10:07 AM10:51 AM01:46 PM12:45 PM09:55 AM09:28 AM12:09 PM
4112:33 PM01:35 PM11:27 AM10:17 AM10:56 AM01:52 PM12:48 PM10:01 AM09:35 AM12:13 PM
4212:35 PM01:35 PM11:37 AM10:20 AM11:00 AM01:58 PM12:51 PM10:06 AM09:40 AM12:15 PM
4312:38 PM01:35 PM11:47 AM

1.6 hour delay

10:24 AM11:07 AM02:04 PM12:54 PM10:10 AM09:46 AM12:19 PM
4412:43 PM01:35 PM01:24 PM10:28 AM11:11 AM02:10 PM12:57 PM10:16 AM09:52 AM12:23 PM
4512:46 PM01:35 PM01:24 PM10:33 AM11:15 AM02:16 PM01:01 PM10:20 AM09:59 AM12:29 PM
4612:50 PM01:35 PM01:26 PM10:36 AM11:23 AM02:22 PM01:03 PM10:25 AM10:03 AM12:33 PM
4712:55 PM01:35 PM01:28 PM10:40 AM11:25 AM02:33 PM

27 min delay

01:05 PM10:30 AM10:07 AM12:35 PM
4812:59 PM01:35 PM01:31 PM10:44 AM11:31 AM03:00 PM01:10 PM10:35 AM10:11 AM12:36 PM
4901:03 PM01:35 PM01:33 PM10:51 AM11:37 AM03:11 PM01:13 PM10:41 AM10:15 AM12:39 PM
5001:07 PM01:35 PM01:34 PM10:52 AM11:40 AM03:16 PM01:16 PM10:45 AM10:20 AM12:41 PM
5101:13 PM01:35 PM01:36 PM11:01 AM11:45 AM03:21 PM01:19 PM10:55 AM10:26 AM12:45 PM
5201:15 PM01:35 PM01:38 PM11:01 AM11:50 AM03:38 PM01:22 PM11:05 AM10:31 AM12:51 PM
5301:18 PM01:35 PM01:41 PM11:06 AM12:01 PM03:42 PM01:25 PM11:16 AM10:35 AM12:55 PM
5401:20 PM01:35 PM01:42 PM11:10 AM12:01 PM03:48 PM01:28 PM11:20 AM10:39 AM01:08 PM
5501:23 PM01:35 PM01:46 PM11:13 AM12:05 PM03:52 PM01:31 PM11:24 AM10:43 AM01:18 PM
5601:24 PM01:35 PM01:48 PM11:18 AM12:11 PM03:57 PM01:34 PM11:27 AM10:46 AM01:23 PM
5701:27 PM01:35 PM01:51 PM11:21 AM12:15 PM04:02 PM01:39 PM

37 min delay

11:29 AM10:50 AM01:26 PM
5801:29 PM01:35 PM01:52 PM11:25 AM12:21 PM04:07 PM02:16 PM11:29 AM10:54 AM01:31 PM
5901:31 PM01:35 PM01:54 PM11:31 AM12:25 PM04:12 PM02:16 PM11:29 AM10:59 AM01:35 PM
6001:35 PM01:35 PM01:56 PM11:33 AM12:31 PM04:17 PM02:16 PM11:29 AM11:03 AM01:38 PM
6101:41 PM01:35 PM02:00 PM11:37 AM12:36 PM04:22 PM02:16 PM11:29 AM11:07 AM01:44 PM
6201:49 PM01:35 PM02:03 PM11:42 AM12:41 PM04:27 PM02:17 PM11:33 AM11:11 AM01:55 PM
6302:00 PM01:35 PM02:05 PM11:47 AM12:46 PM04:32 PM02:24 PM11:36 AM11:15 AM02:00 PM
6402:16 PM01:35 PM02:08 PM11:49 AM12:51 PM04:38 PM02:30 PM11:39 AM11:20 AM

1.6 hour delay

02:06 PM
6502:25 PM01:35 PM02:12 PM11:53 AM12:56 PM04:42 PM02:33 PM11:41 AM12:57 PM02:12 PM
6602:30 PM01:35 PM02:15 PM11:57 AM01:01 PM04:47 PM02:36 PM

3.1 hour delay

11:45 AM01:01 PM02:16 PM
6702:35 PM01:35 PM02:18 PM12:01 PM01:05 PM04:53 PM05:42 PM11:47 AM01:05 PM02:18 PM
6802:37 PM01:35 PM02:28 PM12:08 PM01:11 PM05:04 PM05:42 PM11:49 AM01:09 PM02:21 PM
6902:39 PM01:35 PM02:36 PM12:08 PM01:15 PM05:07 PM05:42 PM11:51 AM01:13 PM02:25 PM
7002:41 PM01:35 PM02:44 PM12:11 PM01:20 PM05:14 PM05:42 PM11:53 AM01:15 PM02:27 PM
7102:43 PM01:35 PM02:50 PM12:11 PM01:25 PM05:19 PM05:42 PM11:56 AM01:19 PM02:31 PM
7202:45 PM01:35 PM02:57 PM12:14 PM01:31 PM05:24 PM05:42 PM11:58 AM01:21 PM02:33 PM
7302:47 PM01:35 PM03:05 PM12:19 PM01:35 PM05:40 PM05:42 PM12:01 PM01:24 PM02:36 PM
7402:49 PM01:39 PM03:14 PM12:29 PM01:40 PM05:46 PM05:42 PM12:06 PM01:27 PM02:37 PM
7502:53 PM01:40 PM03:23 PM12:37 PM01:45 PM05:52 PM05:42 PM12:09 PM01:31 PM02:39 PM
7602:57 PM01:43 PM03:31 PM12:39 PM01:50 PM06:00 PM05:42 PM12:13 PM01:33 PM02:41 PM
7703:02 PM01:47 PM03:36 PM12:40 PM

53 min delay

01:55 PM06:08 PM05:42 PM12:19 PM01:37 PM02:44 PM
7803:08 PM01:54 PM03:39 PM01:33 PM02:01 PM06:16 PM05:42 PM12:23 PM01:41 PM02:46 PM
7903:13 PM01:57 PM03:41 PM01:35 PM02:05 PM06:22 PM05:42 PM12:27 PM01:46 PM02:49 PM
8003:19 PM02:02 PM03:44 PM01:39 PM02:09 PM06:28 PM05:42 PM12:31 PM01:50 PM02:51 PM
8103:23 PM02:07 PM03:48 PM01:43 PM02:13 PM06:34 PM05:42 PM12:35 PM01:54 PM02:52 PM
8203:28 PM02:14 PM03:52 PM01:47 PM02:17 PM06:40 PM05:42 PM12:39 PM01:58 PM02:56 PM
8303:31 PM02:17 PM03:55 PM01:51 PM02:21 PM06:46 PM05:42 PM12:45 PM02:03 PM02:58 PM
8403:31 PM02:20 PM03:59 PM01:56 PM02:25 PM06:52 PM05:42 PM12:50 PM02:07 PM03:03 PM
8503:35 PM02:23 PM04:01 PM01:59 PM02:29 PM06:57 PM05:42 PM12:56 PM02:11 PM03:07 PM
8603:37 PM02:24 PM04:04 PM02:03 PM02:33 PM07:02 PM05:42 PM01:01 PM02:15 PM03:11 PM
8703:43 PM02:27 PM04:07 PM02:08 PM02:37 PM07:08 PM05:42 PM01:07 PM02:19 PM03:18 PM
8803:53 PM02:28 PM04:11 PM02:11 PM02:42 PM07:12 PM05:42 PM01:11 PM02:25 PM03:23 PM
8903:55 PM02:37 PM04:14 PM02:15 PM02:46 PM07:18 PM05:42 PM01:16 PM02:29 PM03:35 PM
9003:58 PM02:45 PM04:18 PM02:19 PM02:49 PM07:22 PM05:42 PM01:20 PM02:36 PM03:43 PM
9104:00 PM02:46 PM04:21 PM02:23 PM02:52 PM07:27 PM05:42 PM01:26 PM02:40 PM03:51 PM
9204:02 PM02:49 PM04:24 PM02:27 PM02:56 PM07:32 PM05:42 PM01:32 PM02:44 PM03:58 PM
9304:03 PM02:53 PM04:31 PM02:28 PM02:58 PM07:37 PM05:42 PM01:35 PM02:49 PM

2.5 hour delay

04:07 PM
9404:05 PM02:55 PM04:34 PM02:38 PM03:01 PM07:42 PM05:42 PM01:40 PM05:21 PM04:21 PM
9504:07 PM02:57 PM04:38 PM02:42 PM03:04 PM07:47 PM05:42 PM01:45 PM05:23 PM04:36 PM
9604:09 PM03:01 PM04:42 PM02:47 PM03:07 PM07:52 PM05:46 PM01:51 PM05:24 PM04:41 PM
9704:11 PM03:05 PM04:46 PM02:53 PM03:11 PM07:57 PM05:49 PM01:54 PM05:26 PM04:46 PM
9804:13 PM03:07 PM04:49 PM

26 min delay

02:58 PM03:13 PM08:02 PM05:52 PM01:58 PM05:28 PM04:50 PM
9904:17 PM03:09 PM05:14 PM03:03 PM03:16 PM05:55 PM02:03 PM05:31 PM04:57 PM
10004:23 PM03:13 PM05:27 PM03:08 PM03:21 PM05:58 PM02:05 PM05:33 PM05:02 PM
10104:26 PM03:16 PM05:31 PM03:12 PM03:23 PM06:00 PM02:08 PM05:34 PM05:05 PM
10204:29 PM03:19 PM05:33 PM03:16 PM03:28 PM06:05 PM02:13 PM05:38 PM05:09 PM
10304:31 PM03:23 PM05:36 PM03:22 PM03:33 PM06:08 PM

29 min delay

02:16 PM05:42 PM05:11 PM
10404:35 PM03:23 PM05:41 PM03:26 PM03:39 PM06:37 PM02:18 PM05:49 PM05:14 PM
10504:37 PM03:25 PM05:43 PM03:29 PM03:46 PM06:39 PM02:23 PM05:54 PM05:17 PM
10604:40 PM03:27 PM05:46 PM03:32 PM03:50 PM06:42 PM02:25 PM06:00 PM05:21 PM
10704:44 PM03:28 PM05:49 PM03:35 PM03:55 PM06:46 PM02:27 PM06:07 PM05:23 PM
10804:47 PM03:32 PM05:52 PM03:38 PM04:00 PM06:57 PM02:29 PM06:13 PM05:27 PM
10904:51 PM03:33 PM05:56 PM03:41 PM04:04 PM07:02 PM02:31 PM06:20 PM05:29 PM
11004:54 PM03:35 PM05:58 PM03:44 PM04:09 PM07:03 PM02:33 PM06:27 PM05:33 PM
11105:03 PM03:37 PM06:02 PM03:47 PM04:13 PM07:07 PM02:35 PM06:34 PM05:35 PM
11205:09 PM03:40 PM06:05 PM03:51 PM04:18 PM07:09 PM02:39 PM06:40 PM05:38 PM
11305:18 PM03:45 PM06:10 PM03:53 PM04:22 PM07:13 PM02:41 PM06:46 PM05:41 PM
11405:27 PM03:47 PM06:12 PM03:56 PM04:26 PM07:15 PM02:46 PM06:54 PM05:44 PM
11505:32 PM03:49 PM06:14 PM04:01 PM04:31 PM07:19 PM02:50 PM07:00 PM05:47 PM
11605:38 PM03:53 PM06:19 PM04:05 PM04:35 PM07:21 PM02:59 PM07:07 PM05:51 PM
11705:43 PM03:55 PM06:22 PM04:12 PM04:40 PM07:24 PM03:05 PM07:13 PM05:55 PM
11805:47 PM03:57 PM06:27 PM04:18 PM04:45 PM07:27 PM03:11 PM07:19 PM05:57 PM
11905:52 PM04:01 PM06:29 PM04:23 PM04:51 PM07:31 PM03:17 PM07:27 PM06:01 PM
12005:55 PM04:03 PM06:34 PM04:28 PM04:57 PM03:23 PM

66 min delay

07:31 PM06:03 PM
12105:58 PM04:07 PM06:37 PM04:33 PM05:03 PM04:30 PM07:37 PM06:07 PM
12206:02 PM04:11 PM06:40 PM04:39 PM05:10 PM04:35 PM07:42 PM06:09 PM
12306:07 PM04:14 PM06:44 PM04:46 PM05:18 PM04:39 PM07:47 PM06:16 PM
12406:09 PM04:16 PM06:47 PM04:51 PM05:25 PM04:43 PM07:59 PM06:30 PM
12506:13 PM04:19 PM06:50 PM04:59 PM05:34 PM04:46 PM08:06 PM06:33 PM
12606:16 PM04:21 PM06:53 PM

72 min delay

05:07 PM05:40 PM04:51 PM08:11 PM06:37 PM
12706:19 PM04:23 PM08:06 PM05:14 PM05:47 PM04:55 PM08:15 PM06:40 PM
12806:23 PM04:25 PM08:07 PM05:18 PM

45 min delay

05:55 PM04:59 PM08:20 PM06:43 PM
12906:24 PM04:28 PM08:10 PM06:03 PM06:04 PM05:02 PM08:26 PM06:46 PM
13006:27 PM04:31 PM08:13 PM06:03 PM06:09 PM05:07 PM08:31 PM06:49 PM
13106:29 PM04:34 PM08:15 PM06:06 PM06:16 PM05:10 PM06:53 PM
13206:31 PM04:38 PM08:18 PM06:08 PM06:23 PM05:15 PM06:57 PM
13306:33 PM04:43 PM08:21 PM06:11 PM06:30 PM05:19 PM07:01 PM
13406:36 PM04:46 PM08:22 PM06:12 PM06:37 PM05:22 PM07:05 PM
13506:39 PM04:49 PM08:24 PM06:16 PM06:44 PM05:26 PM07:10 PM
13606:43 PM04:57 PM08:27 PM06:17 PM06:51 PM05:30 PM07:14 PM
13706:48 PM05:04 PM08:28 PM06:19 PM06:58 PM05:35 PM07:19 PM
13806:53 PM05:09 PM08:30 PM06:21 PM07:06 PM05:39 PM07:23 PM
13906:57 PM05:15 PM08:32 PM06:23 PM07:14 PM05:43 PM07:27 PM
14007:00 PM05:16 PM08:34 PM06:27 PM07:22 PM05:47 PM07:33 PM
14107:05 PM05:19 PM06:31 PM07:30 PM05:50 PM
14207:08 PM05:23 PM06:36 PM05:56 PM
14307:13 PM05:27 PM06:40 PM05:58 PM
14407:18 PM05:33 PM06:46 PM06:02 PM
14507:23 PM05:40 PM06:50 PM06:07 PM
14607:26 PM05:46 PM

68 min delay

06:56 PM06:11 PM
14707:31 PM06:54 PM07:01 PM06:17 PM
14807:34 PM06:54 PM07:08 PM06:23 PM
14907:38 PM06:57 PM07:12 PM06:27 PM
15007:43 PM07:00 PM07:18 PM06:31 PM
15107:46 PM07:05 PM07:22 PM06:37 PM
15207:53 PM07:07 PM07:29 PM06:41 PM
15307:57 PM07:11 PM07:35 PM06:46 PM
15408:03 PM07:15 PM07:41 PM06:51 PM
15508:07 PM07:18 PM07:47 PM06:57 PM
15608:10 PM07:23 PM07:53 PM07:02 PM
15708:15 PM07:27 PM07:59 PM07:07 PM
15808:20 PM07:30 PM08:05 PM07:11 PM
15908:25 PM07:34 PM08:11 PM07:16 PM
16008:29 PM07:39 PM08:17 PM07:21 PM
16108:29 PM07:43 PM08:25 PM07:26 PM

30 min delay

16207:46 PM08:30 PM07:56 PM
16307:51 PM07:59 PM
16407:54 PM08:00 PM
16507:59 PM08:02 PM
16608:03 PM08:05 PM
16708:07 PM08:05 PM
16808:10 PM

Data for Other Park Hours:

8 AM - 11 PM8 AM - 12 AM9 AM - 9 PM9 AM - 10 PM9 AM - 11 PM

Use this site to help figure out when your boarding group will be callled, or analyze past trends in group call times.

The data is grouped according to park hours since more groups are called on days with longer hours of operation. Worst time per group is red and best is green.

Always consult the official park apps for the most up-to-date information on boarding groups.