Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

Disneyland Park

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Data for hours: 9 AM - 10 PM (back to today)

GroupThu Mar 5Wed Mar 4Tue Mar 3Wed Feb 26Thu Feb 6Thu Jan 30
109:01 AM09:03 AM09:10 AM09:13 AM09:11 AM
209:01 AM09:04 AM09:10 AM09:14 AM09:13 AM
309:01 AM09:04 AM09:13 AM09:15 AM09:14 AM
409:01 AM09:05 AM09:15 AM09:16 AM09:16 AM
509:02 AM09:07 AM09:15 AM09:17 AM09:18 AM
609:02 AM09:07 AM09:16 AM09:18 AM09:20 AM
709:02 AM09:07 AM09:19 AM09:19 AM09:23 AM
809:02 AM09:08 AM09:19 AM09:20 AM09:24 AM
909:05 AM09:08 AM09:20 AM09:21 AM09:27 AM
1009:05 AM09:10 AM09:35 AM09:23 AM09:23 AM09:28 AM
1109:05 AM09:13 AM09:35 AM09:23 AM09:23 AM09:30 AM
1209:05 AM09:15 AM09:35 AM09:25 AM09:25 AM09:33 AM
1309:07 AM09:15 AM09:35 AM09:27 AM09:27 AM09:34 AM
1409:08 AM09:16 AM09:35 AM09:30 AM09:29 AM09:36 AM
1509:08 AM09:19 AM09:37 AM09:33 AM09:31 AM09:40 AM
1609:10 AM09:21 AM09:37 AM09:37 AM09:38 AM09:44 AM
1709:13 AM09:23 AM09:37 AM09:40 AM09:47 AM09:49 AM
1809:14 AM09:25 AM09:37 AM09:45 AM09:52 AM09:52 AM
1909:16 AM09:27 AM09:37 AM09:49 AM10:04 AM09:56 AM
2009:18 AM09:29 AM09:38 AM09:54 AM10:17 AM10:00 AM
2109:20 AM09:31 AM09:38 AM09:58 AM10:27 AM10:04 AM
2209:22 AM09:33 AM09:41 AM10:02 AM10:37 AM10:11 AM
2309:24 AM09:37 AM09:43 AM10:05 AM10:46 AM10:16 AM
2409:27 AM09:41 AM09:44 AM

36 min delay

10:09 AM10:51 AM10:20 AM
2509:27 AM09:45 AM10:20 AM10:14 AM10:55 AM10:27 AM
2609:30 AM09:56 AM

69 min delay

10:25 AM10:17 AM11:01 AM10:37 AM
2709:33 AM11:04 AM10:28 AM10:20 AM11:08 AM10:45 AM
2809:37 AM11:07 AM10:33 AM10:21 AM11:18 AM10:51 AM
2909:41 AM11:08 AM10:36 AM10:25 AM11:29 AM11:00 AM
3009:46 AM11:10 AM10:40 AM10:27 AM11:37 AM11:05 AM
3109:50 AM11:12 AM10:44 AM10:29 AM11:43 AM11:15 AM
3210:00 AM11:14 AM10:48 AM10:32 AM11:49 AM11:20 AM
3310:11 AM11:16 AM10:53 AM10:32 AM11:55 AM11:31 AM
3410:29 AM11:21 AM10:57 AM10:35 AM12:01 PM11:36 AM
3510:31 AM11:26 AM11:00 AM10:36 AM12:07 PM11:40 AM
3610:34 AM11:35 AM11:06 AM10:39 AM12:12 PM11:45 AM
3710:38 AM11:45 AM11:10 AM

58 min delay

10:41 AM12:18 PM11:51 AM
3810:43 AM11:55 AM12:08 PM10:43 AM12:22 PM11:55 AM
3910:46 AM12:06 PM12:13 PM10:45 AM12:26 PM12:00 PM
4010:57 AM12:10 PM12:19 PM10:47 AM12:31 PM12:05 PM
4111:00 AM12:16 PM12:24 PM10:50 AM12:36 PM12:10 PM

1.9 hour delay

4211:04 AM12:21 PM12:29 PM10:51 AM12:41 PM02:06 PM
4311:07 AM12:27 PM12:36 PM10:56 AM12:47 PM02:06 PM
4411:10 AM12:31 PM12:40 PM11:00 AM12:48 PM02:07 PM
4511:13 AM12:33 PM12:45 PM11:05 AM12:51 PM02:08 PM
4611:15 AM12:35 PM12:50 PM11:20 AM12:52 PM02:09 PM
4711:16 AM12:35 PM12:55 PM11:30 AM12:56 PM02:11 PM
4811:19 AM12:41 PM01:00 PM11:35 AM12:56 PM02:15 PM
4911:22 AM12:41 PM01:05 PM11:41 AM12:57 PM02:18 PM
5011:27 AM12:45 PM01:11 PM11:46 AM01:03 PM02:23 PM
5111:30 AM12:48 PM01:15 PM11:50 AM01:07 PM02:28 PM

40 min delay

5211:33 AM12:51 PM01:20 PM12:00 PM01:09 PM03:09 PM
5311:37 AM12:52 PM01:27 PM12:06 PM01:19 PM03:11 PM
5411:40 AM12:55 PM01:30 PM12:11 PM01:29 PM03:12 PM
5511:45 AM12:57 PM01:36 PM12:15 PM01:33 PM03:14 PM
5611:47 AM12:59 PM01:40 PM12:18 PM01:37 PM03:20 PM
5711:51 AM01:03 PM01:46 PM12:20 PM01:42 PM

1.7 hour delay

03:25 PM
5811:55 AM01:04 PM01:50 PM12:21 PM03:21 PM03:31 PM
5911:57 AM01:06 PM01:55 PM12:24 PM03:27 PM03:35 PM

39 min delay

6012:01 PM01:08 PM02:01 PM12:26 PM03:32 PM04:14 PM
6112:04 PM01:11 PM02:08 PM12:28 PM03:39 PM04:18 PM
6212:08 PM01:12 PM02:13 PM12:30 PM03:44 PM04:21 PM
6312:12 PM01:14 PM02:19 PM

79 min delay

12:32 PM03:50 PM04:26 PM
6412:16 PM01:16 PM03:38 PM12:35 PM03:56 PM04:31 PM
6512:18 PM01:20 PM03:41 PM12:39 PM04:00 PM04:35 PM
6612:21 PM01:24 PM03:42 PM12:43 PM04:04 PM04:41 PM
6712:24 PM01:28 PM03:44 PM12:50 PM04:08 PM04:45 PM
6812:27 PM01:33 PM03:47 PM12:57 PM04:12 PM04:51 PM
6912:30 PM01:37 PM03:48 PM01:02 PM04:18 PM04:56 PM
7012:33 PM01:40 PM03:52 PM01:06 PM04:24 PM05:01 PM

1.5 hour delay

7112:43 PM

78 min delay

01:45 PM03:52 PM01:11 PM04:38 PM

83 min delay

06:31 PM
7202:01 PM01:50 PM03:54 PM01:14 PM06:01 PM06:34 PM
7302:05 PM01:56 PM03:56 PM01:15 PM06:06 PM06:37 PM
7402:09 PM02:00 PM04:01 PM01:17 PM06:12 PM

67 min delay

06:37 PM
7502:13 PM02:07 PM04:04 PM01:21 PM07:19 PM06:41 PM
7602:16 PM02:11 PM04:10 PM01:25 PM07:21 PM06:48 PM
7702:19 PM02:14 PM04:17 PM01:29 PM07:25 PM06:52 PM
7802:22 PM02:18 PM04:23 PM01:33 PM07:27 PM06:56 PM
7902:25 PM02:25 PM04:29 PM01:39 PM07:31 PM07:12 PM
8002:28 PM02:28 PM04:35 PM01:41 PM07:33 PM07:17 PM
8102:30 PM02:31 PM04:40 PM01:45 PM07:36 PM07:19 PM
8202:32 PM02:36 PM04:45 PM01:49 PM07:39 PM07:24 PM
8302:35 PM02:40 PM04:49 PM01:55 PM07:41 PM07:27 PM
8402:37 PM02:44 PM05:00 PM02:02 PM07:46 PM07:31 PM
8502:38 PM02:48 PM05:09 PM02:10 PM07:49 PM07:35 PM
8602:40 PM02:52 PM05:19 PM02:13 PM07:53 PM07:38 PM
8702:43 PM02:57 PM05:23 PM02:15 PM07:59 PM07:41 PM
8802:47 PM03:00 PM05:25 PM

80 min delay

02:16 PM08:01 PM07:48 PM
8902:49 PM03:03 PM06:45 PM02:19 PM08:05 PM07:51 PM
9002:53 PM03:06 PM06:47 PM02:20 PM08:09 PM07:54 PM
9102:54 PM03:09 PM06:50 PM02:23 PM08:13 PM07:57 PM
9202:57 PM03:12 PM06:53 PM02:25 PM08:17 PM08:13 PM
9302:58 PM03:15 PM06:57 PM02:27 PM08:21 PM08:14 PM
9403:00 PM03:19 PM06:59 PM02:29 PM08:26 PM08:21 PM
9503:03 PM03:21 PM

64 min delay

07:02 PM02:33 PM08:29 PM08:25 PM
9603:06 PM04:25 PM07:05 PM02:37 PM08:27 PM
9703:07 PM04:25 PM07:08 PM02:41 PM

76 min delay

9803:07 PM04:25 PM07:11 PM03:57 PM
9903:10 PM04:31 PM07:14 PM04:01 PM
10003:13 PM04:34 PM07:19 PM04:05 PM
10103:16 PM04:37 PM07:21 PM04:11 PM
10203:19 PM04:39 PM07:23 PM04:16 PM
10303:23 PM04:42 PM07:25 PM04:25 PM
10403:25 PM04:45 PM07:30 PM04:35 PM

20 min delay

10503:30 PM04:51 PM07:30 PM04:55 PM
10603:33 PM04:59 PM05:04 PM
10703:40 PM05:02 PM05:10 PM
10803:43 PM05:05 PM05:13 PM
10903:46 PM05:09 PM05:17 PM
11003:50 PM05:11 PM05:21 PM
11103:53 PM05:14 PM05:25 PM
11203:55 PM05:17 PM05:26 PM
11303:58 PM05:21 PM05:28 PM
11404:01 PM05:23 PM05:31 PM
11504:06 PM05:27 PM05:35 PM
11604:07 PM05:33 PM05:50 PM
11704:10 PM05:35 PM05:54 PM
11804:13 PM05:38 PM05:58 PM
11904:20 PM05:41 PM06:06 PM
12004:30 PM05:44 PM06:11 PM
12104:33 PM05:47 PM06:16 PM
12204:37 PM05:50 PM06:20 PM
12304:41 PM05:53 PM06:27 PM
12404:45 PM05:56 PM06:33 PM
12504:50 PM06:01 PM06:39 PM
12604:53 PM06:06 PM06:43 PM
12704:56 PM06:12 PM06:48 PM
12804:58 PM

81 min delay

06:22 PM06:54 PM
12906:20 PM06:26 PM07:00 PM
13006:22 PM06:29 PM07:05 PM
13106:25 PM06:34 PM07:10 PM
13206:27 PM06:41 PM07:17 PM
13306:28 PM06:46 PM07:21 PM
13406:30 PM06:52 PM07:26 PM
13506:32 PM06:53 PM07:29 PM
13606:33 PM06:59 PM07:35 PM
13706:35 PM07:00 PM07:39 PM
13806:37 PM07:03 PM07:45 PM
13906:39 PM07:06 PM07:52 PM
14006:40 PM07:09 PM07:57 PM
14106:42 PM07:12 PM08:03 PM
14206:43 PM07:15 PM08:07 PM
14306:46 PM07:18 PM08:08 PM
14406:47 PM07:21 PM08:11 PM
14506:48 PM07:25 PM08:14 PM
14606:50 PM07:27 PM08:16 PM
14706:53 PM07:31 PM08:16 PM

28 min delay

14806:55 PM07:33 PM08:44 PM
14906:57 PM07:36 PM
15007:00 PM07:37 PM
15107:05 PM07:40 PM
15207:07 PM07:43 PM
15307:16 PM07:43 PM
15407:19 PM
15507:24 PM
15607:27 PM
15707:31 PM
15807:35 PM
15907:37 PM
16007:41 PM
16107:44 PM
16207:47 PM
16307:51 PM

Data for Other Park Hours:

8 AM - 8 PM8 AM - 11 PM8 AM - 12 AM9 AM - 9 PM9 AM - 11 PM

Use this site to help figure out when your boarding group will be callled, or analyze past trends in group call times.

The data is grouped according to park hours since more groups are called on days with longer hours of operation. Worst time per group is red and best is green.

Always consult the official park apps for the most up-to-date information on boarding groups.